Welcome to Born Bicultural USA

Born Bicultural USA is a blog for curious thinkers to gather for a constructive and respectful dialogue on racial diversity in the United States.  The purpose of Born Bicultural USA is to gain understanding through sharing.

I believe this dialogue is valuable because: 

  1. Biculturals can feel misunderstood and even isolated
  2. Everyone has a fundamental desire to be understood and included

From my first breath, I encountered an existence that has been Hispanic and American, Black and White.  Balancing these colors and cultures has provided a unique experience.  I’ll share mine.  Please share yours. 

Note: You don’t have to be “Born-Bicultural” to contribute to this important dialogue.  All curious thinkers of every color and culture are welcomed. 

For a list of blog topics being discussed on Born Bicultural USA, please click here.


One comment

  1. I can completely identify with this, my children (who are now grown) speak next to no Spanish and when they do, they massacre the language, I wanted to teach them as children but I was convinced by their father that English is the universal language. Big mistake on my part !

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