The Land of Misfit Souls

“Is he down?”
Growing up in North Jersey and later in Miami, that’s the question I would occasionally hear as people searched to understand what’s up with the new kid.
Looking back, what they really wanted to know was:
  • Should we accept him?
  • Does he accept us?
  • Does he fit?
  • Or is he a misfit? misfit. misfit…
Makes ya wonder: Am I, are you, are we…misfits?
Dr. Brené Brown, Social Work Researcher and Professor at the University of Houston, suggested in her popular TEDx Talk that:
Brene Brown - TEDxHouston
“(Human) connection is why we’re here. Connection is what it’s all about. It’s what gives purpose and meaning to our lives. The ability to feel connected is neurobiologically…why we are here…Shame is the fear of disconnection.*”
So if the point is to connect, what connects us? Is it our race, religion, ethnicity or any of the host of ways we organize, slice, dice, label and segment each other?
If like me, you are fortunate to share meaningful connections with folks from a broad spectrum of races, religions, ethnicities, etc., I suspect that your ability to connect may stem from two key factors: (1) shared experiences, and (2) open, curious and respectful minds regarding those experiences you don’t share.
In this land of misfit souls, we may all never fully fit, but if we understand and respect our universal desire to better connect with each other, we all may fit together just fine…and that makes you down in my book.  How ’bout yours?


  1. You could be a constructivist philosopher, ala Paul Kowert. This is very much how he looks at the world of international relations — Emphasis on the relations part.

    1. Deb,

      Imma Google Constructivist Philosopher to see if I can aspire to be one.The fact that I have to Google it is not a good sign though. I’m just flattered to be in the same sentence with Paul Kowert. Thanks for the kind words.


      Alberto Padron
      Born Bicultural USA

    1. Andrew,

      Ha! You’re a funny (and very smart) man. By the way, I gotta give you a ring to give you an update on the thing about that stuff regarding those people.

      Alberto Padron
      Born Bicultural USA

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