When in Rome, Do You

Roll Tide! Go Irish! Roll Tide!! Go Irish!! Roll Tide!!! Go Irish!!!

The chants echoed loud and proud on this early January night in Miami.  40 THOUSAND Alabama fans packed the house.  Another 40 THOUSAND Notre Dame fans filled out the balance of Sun Life Stadium.

Sun Life BCS

So there I was, the odd fan out, wearing my FIU school colors, gold and blue.  As I walked around the stadium before kick-off, the atmosphere was charged.  Both fan bases were dreaming of a championship glory and both were definitely having tons of fun supporting their respective school.  I wanted in on the fun.  Despite some early hesitation, I decided to purchase a t-shirt.  I figured “when in Rome.”  Besides, the t-shirt would be a nice memento of my first ever national championship game while at the same time allowing me to join one of the team’s infectious enthusiasm.


I couldn’t purchase an Alabama t-shirt because that team was lead by Miami’s public enemy number one, Nick Saban.  So that left Notre Dame.  I overpaid for their shirt, put it on and did a lap around the stadium prior to kick-off.  The next thing you know, Notre Dame fans from every direction are chanting “Go Irish” and confused by my lack of participation.  I just couldn’t do it.  I’m not Irish. My only connection to Notre Dame is the fact that their school colors are similar to my alma mater’s colors.  I went from FIU odd-fan out to Irish imposter.  To add insult to injury, Notre Dame got rolled by The Tide of Alabama.  So much for joining the fun.  The lesson: when in Rome, do you. From this point forward, any gold and blue I’ll put on will belong to the gold and blue of FIU.

                                                           Go Irish Panthers!



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