Run, Son, Run! (RIP Trayvon Martin)

Dear Alberto Jr. and Andres,

I love you but have failed you, my sons.

I’ve taught you a few ideals that have proven to be…well, idealistic.  Tonight, minutes after finding out that no one will pay for the tragic death of your peer, teenager Trayvon Martin, four previously held ideals were challenged:

1)   Mind Your Business

2)   Don’t Initiate Trouble

3)   If someone brings trouble to you, defend yourself

4)   If someone kills someone else, someone has to be held accountable

Boys, we live in Florida. Trayvon lived in Florida. Trayvon was a teenager.  You two are teenagers. Trayvon was a minority.  You two are minorities.  Trayvon died a senseless death.  No one was held accountable.

So let’s learn from this, boys.  You are not allowed to hold your ground.  You are not allowed to defend yourself.  Minding your business won’t save you.  Not initiating trouble won’t matter.  By the time your little five-year-old brother is your age, we pray things will be different.

So here’s the updated lesson: If you’re followed, even if you’re just out minding your business, run, son, run!




    1. Bertika,

      I respect everything about you. Your commitment to your community, your education, your alma maters, your personal fitness, your profession and countless other quality traits I have yet to discover about you. I appreciate listening to your position on matters because you’re smart and thoughtful. Thanks for stopping by Born Bicultural USA and chiming in with your words of support.

      Un abrazo,

      Alberto Padron
      Born Bicultural USA

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