Father's Day

Fortunately for many fathers, the path has been straight, solid, uninterrupted. I’m sure you have your challenges, but for the most part, you met The One, got married, have healthy, gorgeous kids and share your photos on Facebook. You deserve your due. Here’s to you, the Facebook Father, you lucky son-of-a-gun. Cheers!

But I know many fathers whose pictures never make it to Facebook who also deserve a recognition all their own. On days like today, I can’t help but to think of:

The dad who had to hire a private investigator to find his kids when they were effectively kidnapped and taken across state lines without dad’s approval. That pursuit lasted years. You found them. It hasn’t been easy, but that father-son love is present today and that’s what matters.

The dad who lives on the east coast while his son lives in the southwest with his mother’s new family. I know you’ve tried hard to be that awesome father despite the time and distance. Your relationship with your son seems a bit icy now, but I trust that your efforts will be recognized and your bond with your son reestablished.

The dad who was married twice and took both of his ex-wives daughters as his own. They both recognize you as their father because that’s exactly who you have been and will forever be. Your testimony amazes me. Your love for your daughters is nothing short of inspiring, and they love you right back. There is no “step” in your fatherhood.

The stories go on and on. These dads will never boast about their story. They are humble like that. They just father hard every day, often in the face of less than ideal circumstances.

Big ups to you fellas who quietly go about your business of caring for your children, often without enough recognition and appreciation. Happy Fathers Day.


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